Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa
Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa

Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa

Gluten Free
Palm Oil Free
Sugar Free
Preservative Free

Hazelnuts and cocoa together? It’s a lifelong romance of pure Wild love.

Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa

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Nutrition Facts Per 100 g
Energy 2680kJ/650kcal
Fat 60,0g
Of which saturates 4,4g
Carbohydrates 7,2g
Sugars 4,2g
Fiber 10,1g
Protein 15,1g
Sodium 0g

May contain traces of sesame, peanuts or other dry nuts.

Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa

Wild Taste

Hazelnut butter with cocoa isn’t only the ultimate choice for kids—it’s also a top pick for Wild mummies! During pregnancy, hazelnuts’ folic acid content is essential, and their combination of monounsaturated fats, protein, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and vitamin E fosters both glowing skin and hair and a spirited Wild soul. Additionally, cocoa with hazelnuts acts as a potent antidepressant and natural mood enhancer!

Wild Trivia

With its indescribably divine texture, hazelnut is the perfect companion to chocolate. Pause whatever you’re doing, indulge in a break, and crack open a jar of Wild hazelnut butter with cocoa. They say if you enjoy it straight from the fridge, you’ll experience unparalleled levels of pleasure!

Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa
Hazelnut Butter with Cocoa
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